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Alert Multi Plane Balance™ – dinamic field balancing in 1-4 planes nad multiple speeds


Alert multi-plane balance 3.0 for TRIO, DCX and DCA-60 streamlines dynamic balancing for complex machinery. Azima DLI’s experts designed ALERT Multi-plane Balance 3.0 with a step-by-step interface to guide a novice or advanced user through simple or complex balance routines.

More details

  •          1 to 8 measurement locations
  •          1 to 4 distinct rotor planes
  •          1 to 3 machine speeds or operating states
  •          Live vector displays
  •          Advanced reporting capability
  •          Job status recall
  •          Export data to .csv
  •          Editable phase and magnitude fields
  •          Online help and reference


The system allows for in-place balancing of machinery with up to four (4) rotor planes, using measurements from up to eight (8) locations. Optimum balance solutions may be calculated for up to three different running speeds or operating states, providing better correction solutions for machines that operate over a range of conditions.


ALERT Multi-Plane Balance allows users to manually enter speed, magnitude, and phase data and have the powerful software produce the balancing solutions.


Phase/amplitude and speed information is updated live allowing anomalies to be quickly identified. The vector display shows a continuous visualization of the machines’ dynamic state. Polar plots indicate ‘vector progressions’ so influence of trial and correction weights can be graphically identified and logically understood. Users split or combine weight values based on angles and radius using the built-in weight vector calculator.

Balance summary reports and vector plots document the success of your balancing work. Balance data and job information are stored in a local database. Users may recall balance coefficients calculated from previous work so as to perform trim balance runs for the same machine without the need for new trial runs. The user’s manual describes the dynamic balancing process in depth, including useful expert tips.