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Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis services


Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis is a powerful tool we use to solve complex vibration related problems in rotating equipment and structures. Animations of the deflection shapes help visualize the problem. Our expertise results in properly identifying root causes as well as practical solutions.

More details

Our ODS services is the best choice because

  • More than 25 years experiment in vibration measurements
  • We do triaxial mesurements simultaneously because the vibrations are three dimensional too
  • We build an accurate modell of the structure
  • We can perform the measurement, the analysis and create a clear report instead of overhalming data and unwanted informations
  • We can perform time shyncronus 
  • You don't need to invest to a data aqusition device and ODS software
  • We can perform the measurements in hazardous areas
  • We give you spectacular 3D animations, can be share easily to management 

What is ODS Anylsis?

An Operating Deflection Shape (or ODS) consists of vibration measurements taken at various points on a machine or structure. The measurements are taken while the machine is operating. Clear Motion ODS is a software package designed for building structural models, and applying measured values to the models to generate animations of the structural motion.

Why use Operating Deflection Shape Analysis?

  • We can observe and analyze the exaggerated dynamic behavior of your machinery
  • Helps pinpoint problems in any kind of rotating equipment, associated bases, or frames
  • See motion more clearly, to help identify and troubleshoot vibration problems.
  • Troubleshoot equipment failures caused by vibration.
  • Help identify potential vibration problems before a failure occurs.
  • Help determine the presence of structural defects (loose or broken bolts, cracked supports, etc.)
  • Identify the effects of different operating conditions or machine vibration.
  • Understand and document the vibrating motion of any machine or structure.
  • Your machines do not need to be taken off-line, minimizing lost production time