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Precision laser shaft alignment

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VIBRO-LASER VLSAT™ - precision laser shaft alignment


We are pleased to present the newest innovation in wireless portable laser shaft alignment technology, the VLSAT. VLSAT is available for Microsoft Windows®, Android® tablets and iOS® for iPad®.

More details

  • Horizontal shaft alignment
  • Vertical alignment
  • Soft foot
  • Cut angle
  • Thermal expansion correction
  • Environmental correction
  • Sensor unit readings
  • Saving data and report creation
  • Sensor:
    • Digital CCD detector 30mm
    • Measurement distance: Up to 10m
    • Operating time: 20 Hours
    • Degree of protection: IP65

The ONLY 3 Operating System Laser Shaft Alignment System in the world, VLSAT is available on Microsoft Windows®, Android® and iOS® for iPad®. You have a choice with VIBRO-LASER. Select your display tablet option from those we offer, or bring your own device that meets or exceeds our minimum requirements. VLSAT is ergonomically designed for the most rugged environments. This product others an absolutely innovative, step-by-step, responsive interface with 3D-animations and wide touch screen which simplifies the alignment process and reduces the time it takes to complete each alignment.

The VLSAT sensor units use the latest digital, and Bluetooth® data processing technology. Eliminating pre-alignment and minimizing setup time is intrinsically engineered into the VLSAT through the utilization of our exclusive 30mm CCD-detectors. This provides you with exact and stable measurement results and enables the system to be more interference-immune from the external factors (stray light, vibration, thermal growth etc.). Thanks to the compact and durable aluminum case of the sensor units, you can work in the most confined and harsh environments.