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TRIO CX8 Automated vibration diagnostic system with 3 years ExpertALERT Licence


TRIO CX8 Automated vibration diagnostic system with 3 years ExpertALERTTM Licence

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TRIO CX8 with 3 years ExpertALERT licence: Automated vibration diagnostic system - Automated Expert system: 30 years of knowledge and experience of 40 diagnostical engineers in the latest vibration diagnostic software.

  • up to 96% accuracy in fault detection, severity and recommendations AUTOMATICALY
  • text reports instead of overhalming data
  • modell based fault detection with 6000 unique rules
  • More than 1200 possible faults
  • Automated peak-finding algorithm: normalization, sidebands, forcing frequences
  • Automated bearing fault detection
  • Embedded bearing database with more than 75000 uniq bearing type
  • Embedded motor database with more than 15000 motor
  • Envelope analisys
  • Broad- and narrow band analisys
  • Orbits, filtered orbits
  • Bode and Nyquist plots
  • Demodulation and impact demod
  • Spectrum, Cepstrum, Demod Spectrum, Impact Demod, Crest Factor, etc.
  • FFT Window functions: Hanning, Hamming, Rectangular, Flattop
  • Run-up / coast-down measurements
  • 4 channel simultaneous data collection
  • Time-synchronous sampling
  • Bandwidth Ranges - 0.5Hz-25Hz to 0.5Hz-40 kHz, protected by anti-alias filters
  • TRIO's Bluetooth® modular integration with the TRIO DP-2 acquisition device for the safest in-field operation
  • Triaxial sensor: 100 mV/g sensitivity
  • MaxViewTM 8" resistive single touch LED screen with automatic backlighting