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Spectralyzer - Ultrasonic Spectral Analysis Software


Ultrasonic Spectral Analysis Software

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Spectralyzer - Ultrasonic Spectral Analysis Software

The UE Spectralyzer is a spectrum analyzer that creates a visual image of sound. It displays the amplitude and frequency components of a recorded sound in a screen that looks similar to that of an oscilloscope (an oscilloscope shows time and amplitude). The frequency limit is set by the parameters of the computer sound card. This is related to the sampling rate capabilities of the sound card. The sampling rate establishes how many times a second the analog input signal is sampled by the sound card.

Product Properties

  • Ultrasonic FFT Spectral Analysis Software
  • 44.1KHz Max Sampling Rate Supported (hardware dependant Averaging: Vector, Peak Hold, RMS
  • Frequency Span: (0 to 1/2 of selected sampling rate)
  • Weighing: Exponential, Linear
  • Single Channel Operation
  • FFT Windowing
  • Spectral Overlays
  • Modes: Realtime, Record & Playback
  • Narrowband FFT sizes through 32,768 points
  • Cursors: Frequency & dB, Harmonic & Alarm
  • Displays: Spectrum & Time Series
  • Alarm Cursor: Low Frequency, High Frequency & dB Setpoints
  • Frequency Markers
  • Playback Mode provides Comprehensive Analysis from Wave Files